We listen,

it helps us be inquisitive, 


and creative

Lead + Experts

Our model is simple; an experienced strategic lead directly involved with clients, supported by analyst and strategist teams.


Experts in specialized areas who contribute when needed on mandates. 

Structure is then adapted to mandate and clients.

Founder and Asymétrie Strategic lead

Claude Lamoureux


is the message"

-Marshall McLuhan

Claude is the global strategic lead. He created Asymétrie to address the need to include media knowledge and strategic gap in the planning process. He is a seasoned 360 strategist and innovative thinker while being a digital, traditional, data and research enthusiast.

Recognized by his peers in the course of his carrer, he is better known for his client achievements and successes. He now offers this expertise and processes directly to brand managers; Asymétrie clients.

He leads the training and counselling programs and leads the strategic work.

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We choose to work with people that are...


Analyse and speak

 both data and ideas


Question the solutions


Push further

to be memorable


Innovate with ideas and opportunities


at each steps 


Bring together various stakeholders


Want to understand to go farther


Embrace the challenge like their own


The collaborator collective

We know the challenges each brand face are different. That's why we prefer working with a variety of experts who can bring unique contributions to the mandate.

Here's our collaborators' list of expertise:

- Advanced data management

- Advanced digital solutions

- Content

- Public relations

- Creative development

- Research


- Event and sponsorship

- Experiential

Your strategic lead brings the right team to the table and helps coordinate their intervention backed by his multi media experience. If other agencies are already work with you, we will be glad to connect them to our process.



You want to work with us, as a member of the team or expert-collaborator?

Write to us here.

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