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Marketing is not linear


We are

totally fine

with this


We have four major categories of mandate we can perform for you:

- Brand strategic planning

- Media strategic planning

- Team training

- Leaders advisory programs

Either case, our approach is based on four importants pillars: people, data, insights and "all media". We are not really negotiable on this.


They are at the very center of our strategy: segmented, differentiated, analysed. With all their complexity.


From Big to Small data, these numbers are precious sources. We keep our eyes and our Excel sheets open. 


Too often the insights don't take the important that they have in the media strategy. We cherish them.

All Media

We talk about all the media. paid, owned, earned, but also POS, PR, etc. It's all media.

ancre stratégie

Because the first source of optimization is strategy

Media infused strategic planning 

We give a direction to the brand by putting all the media tools in the equation. From translation of the business challenge to customer analysis, objectives, communication intentions and media approach. We produce a coherent integrated messaging and connection strategy. 

- Strategic audit

- Connection audit

- Strategic planning

- Consumer buying process

- Targets/segments analysis

- Media analysis

Media strategy versus media planning

The media plan is only one step in the deployment of the communication approach. Before that step, we need to build the strategic pillars by going back to the brief and translating it: objectives, intentions, process, targets, motivations, etc. 

With these insights in hand, we push the reflexion further, questioning and building what will become a memorable, coherent, intelligent plan.

- Targets/segments analysis

- Media strategy audit

- Insights

- Creative thinking

- Media strategy

- Budget allocation analysis

And we train all our clients

We think the discussion with our clients should be concentrated around cocreation or, at least, talking about opportunities and challenging both of us. So we built training and tools.

Leaders and teams in control

of their media

Ancre accompagnement
Advisor, translator
and all related

The decisions that play a role in the media environment, whether internal or external, paid, own, earned. Therefore we propose different training and advisory programs. These programs help you get the necessary support in the course of the important moments for you and your organization.

- Training

- Coaching

- Conferences

- Decision-making advisory program

- Presentation support

- Media data support

We also support the
internal teams 

Your team works with one or multiple agencies or you've internalized the communication services. Sometimes, it's useful to get an external look on strategy or creative thinking. While you keep the output control, we work the process and advise as needed. Sometimes it's all it takes to get back on track or go farther.

We have experience in management and idea generation.

- Cocreation process

- Idea generation

- Mobilisation program

- Training

- Decision making support

It looks complex.

Then we should own it.

The satisfaction will be greater.

Strategy and Media

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